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     In the year of 1943 two men of God bowed in a wooded area at the edge of Thomasville and prayed that someday a Baptist church might be there. These men were Reverend F.A. Mair and Reverend T.W. Bray. About three or four months later a group of folk from First Baptist Church and Rich Fork Baptist Church co-sponsored a mission Sunday School on Sunday afternoons, with preaching every other Sunday.

     Dr. W.K. McGee, pastor of First Baptist Church Thomasville, North Carolina, wrote to Dr, M.A. Huggins asked him to send someone from the State Mission Board, or Department, to preach in a revival meeting. The Reverend Douglas Branch, Regional Missionary with the State Mission Board, came for a two week meeting, at which time they organized into a mission known as the West End Mission. Inman Steward was elected Superintendent.

     On Sunday, August 11, 1946, a major turning point toward the formation of Greenwood Baptist Church took place. The people, with unanimous and enthusiastic approval voted to organize into a church. Rev. David W. Oldham was called as a pastor of the Mission and served along with a Missions Committee of five.

     On Thursday, November 21, 1946, on request of the people of the Mission and their pastor, a conference was held to consider finalizing the organization of a Baptist church. The conference voted unanimously to move ahead with the organizing into a church as soon as possible.

     On Sunday, November 24, 1946, at 2:30 in the afternoon [ which was Greenwood's Thanksgiving Day] Greenwood Baptist Church was brought into being as a church. West End Mission was now called Greenwood Baptist Church , and the Reverend David W. Oldham was called as the first pastor. There were forty three charter members.

     Soon thereafter, construction was begun on the new building and was entered for the first service on Easter Sunday Morning, 1948.

Pastors Who Have Served:

- Rev. David W. Oldham . . . 1946-1956 

- Rev. Raymond Crowe . . . 1956-1961

- Rev. Parks Harris . . . 1961-1966

- Rev. Paul J. Hopkins . . . 1967-1969

- Rev. James O'Tuel . . . 1970-1972

- Rev. Edgar Christy . . . 1972-1981

- Rev. Joel Fisher . . . 1982-1985

- Rev. David Cox . . . 1986- 1988

- Rev. Wayne Blevins . . . 1989-1998

- Rev. Stephen Livengood . . . 1999-2005

-Rev. Michael Ferguson . . . 2007- 2016

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